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Parkujte pohodlne a bezpečne pri trhovisku Miletičova v plne automatizovanom parkovacom dome v blízkosti centra Bratislavy na Kohútovej ulici.
1 hour of free parking

automated parking garage


automated parking garage


automated parking garage


automated parking garage

total parking capacity 141
number of floors 4
non-stop service 24/7
Miletičova market place 2min
city center 10min

Comfortable and safe parking in the DOAS parking garage on Kohútova Street right at the Miletičova market. The parking garage offers its visitors 141 parking spaces on several floors.

The parking garage is fully automated, safe and accessible only for visitors with a valid parking card or a parking ticket. The garage is equipped with modern security systems and monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring the safety of your vehicles.

Parking fee can be paid in cash or by card at a fully automated pay station located at the entrance to the garage and its exit.

The Miletičova market is only a few steps away from the parking garage and the city centre is accessible within 10 minutes on foot or by public transport. There is a bus stop nearby, from where buses and trolleys run to all parts of the city.

Short-term parking as well as long-term parking is offered to the visitors. You can purchase short-term parking for an hour, a day, a night or more days. Long-term parking can be purchased for a month or a year.

The DOAS parking garage is an ideal solution for everyone looking for safe and comfortable parking near Bratislava city centre.

Krátkodobé parkovanie

Short-term parking

Ideal for customers who need to park their cars or motorcycles for several hours or days. The DOAS parking garage offers day and night parking in a closed and guarded building where your vehicle will be safe.

Dlhodobé parkovanie

Long-term parking

Designed for customers who are interested in monthly or yearly parking as well as customers who would like to park their vehicle for more than 5 days. The benefit of long-term parking is a stable price and a reserved parking space.

Vjazd a výjazd

Entrance and exit

The parking garage is located on Kohútova St. in the city district of Ružinov, which can be reached from the main road of Miletičova St. The parking garage is marked with a road sign, a license plate reader, a parking ticket dispensing machine and a current price list.

Price list

Denné parkovanie

Daily parking

1 hour Mo – Su for free
Next hour Mo – Su 7:00 – 19:00 2,00 €
Daily max. 18,00 €
Nočné parkovanie

Night parking

1 hour Mo – Su for free
Next hour Mo – Su 19:00 – 7:00 1,20 €
Night max. 10,00 €
Celodenné parkovanie

All-day parking

28,00 €


Loss of a parking ticket

40,00 €

Dlhodobé parkovanie

Long-term parking

1 month 120,00 €
Vydanie parkovacej karty

Issue of a parking card

30,00 €


Fee for reissuing a parking card

40,00 €

Price list valid from 15.06.2023

All prices include 20% VAT


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    Entry to the garage house is not allowed for motor vehicles powered by LPG and CNG. In the event that the operator discovers a gas-powered motor vehicle within the garage house premises, it will be towed at the expense and risk of the vehicle owner to a designated location without delay.

    The operating hours of the parking garage are: Monday – Sunday NONSTOP (from 00:00 to 24:00).

    After you are done parking, pay the appropriate cash for the parking time according to the price list, that is based on the parking time from your parking ticket, at the payment station. You can also pay at the AB DOAS reception desk at Košická 56 St. in which case you will be charged a fee according to the price list and a replacement receipt for your payment will be issued.

    If you have any problems with your payment, you can communicate with the parking garage staff via the communicator located at the payment station.

    After paying for parking you are obliged to leave the parking garage within 10 minutes. If you fail to do so and the automatic exit barrier doesn’t allow you to leave the parking garage, you are obliged to return to the payment station and pay the additional fee.

    The speed limit for motor vehicles in the entire parking garage is 10 km/hod. The maximum permitted height for motor vehicles entering the parking garage is 2.1 m.

    If you decide to leave the parking garage within 10 minutes of the time of your entry, which has been confirmed at the entrance terminal, you are not obliged to pay (tolerance for passage). ). After inserting the parking ticket into the slot of the entrance terminal, you will be allowed to exit the parking garage without paying for parking.

    If you are in a possesion of a valid plastic parking card, upon entry, place the card on the reader at the entrance terminal, which will verify the validity of the card. When you decide to leave the parking garage, place the card on the reader at the exit terminal again.

    If you forgot to pay for parking and you find it out at the exit terminal, you are not allowed to park your vehicle at the exit. You have to leave the area with your vehicle, pay the fee at the payment station and leave the parking garage.